Robert Woods Makes Sweet One-Handed Grab


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Robert Woods Makes Sweet One-Handed Grab

Robert Woods made a great one-handed catch against the Jets and, yes, parts of New York are being exposed to a Jets-Bills game in primetime.
November 25, 2014, 1:10am

Let's just get the obvious out of the way: this Robert Woods catch is in no way comparable to Odell Beckham, Jr.'s ridiculous catch. Not many catches will be, but it's still a good catch! It's equal (if obviously lesser) parts Beckham's one handed masterpiece and David Tyree's helmet-pinning stunner against the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Woods made a one-handed catch, while also being interfered with, and used his helmet to keep the ball from getting away from him. He eventually controlled it long enough to lock it down with his other hand for secure possession and get his feet in bounds.

Oh yeah, for those living in places other than the New York metropolitan area and Buffalo, this abominable game is actually on local television. Consider yourselves lucky that you don't have to watch, but still get to see sweet plays like this. The Bills lead the Jets 14-3 at the half.