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Listen Back to Seekae's Set at Laneway

An instant classic performance from this Future Classic group.

If you're reading this now we can probably agree the year has gone fast. If you're browsing in the future, still true. Time goes quickly, music moves fast, and so do Seekae. The Sydney three-piece have travelled a long way in their years together, producing three essential albums and countless live sets of forward-thinking electronic and experimental pop sounds.

Sometimes it's important to stop and reflect though, and regardless of where you're at, it's a good time to listen back and relive the time Seekae played Laneway Festival in February 2015. Here's that memorable set, forever captured and eternally streaming via Red Bull Music Academy Radio.

Seekae perform as part of 10 Years of Future Classic, a label showcase during Vivid LIVE, Friday May 29th and Saturday May 30th, 2015.