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Check Out the Full First Let Them Eat Cake 2016 Lineup Announcement

Plus we have an exclusive interview with the LTEC Creative Director.

A relative newcomer to the New Year's calendar, Let Them Eat Cake has rapidly developed a reputation as one of the country's premier boutique dance festival experiences thanks to an invariably solid roster of international talent and its setting in the lavish surrounds of Werribee Gardens. The 2016 edition marks another leap forward for the festival, bringing out heavyweights Four Tet, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Daniel Avery and many more. Check out the full first announcement below, then read our exclusive interview with LTEC creative director, Matt Bonner.


Âme (GER)
Ben UFO (UK)
Com Truise (USA)
Daniel Avery (UK)
DJ Tennis (ITA)
Four Tet (UK)
Jon Hopkins (UK)
Machinedrum (USA)
Motor City Drum Ensemble (GER)
Seven Davis Jr (USA)
Slum Village (USA)
The Opiuo Band (NZ)

THUMP: There's obviously a lot going on around the new year period, what was the initial approach for Let Them Eat Cake in terms of standing out in the calendar?
LTEC Creative Director Matt Bonner: The whole LTEC ethos was to do something different, and while we haven't exactly re-invented the wheel (of course we have been influenced by elements of overseas festivals), it seems that an attention to detail and an assumption that people want quality at every level of their festival experience have garnered us some love and support.

It's hot competition securing the level of talent LTEC brings out each year, is it getting more and more challenging?
Musically we are trying to present a lineup that is exciting and credible for lovers of electronic music. Every act is deliberated over: Do they have new material; are they a good performer; do they want to perform at Cake even though we may not have as much to offer financially as larger festivals? Of course we sometimes miss out on acts, but by and large it just organically works itself out.

How do you balance that progression with bigger and bigger acts and the festival's boutique-ness?
That's the fun bit. For me a festival is a sort of living entity and every year is different. It needs to grow and progress some years, and maybe take a step back and contemplate on others. Bigger acts will come and go, but the essential boutique vibe of Cake won't ever be compromised. Then you gotta wonder: What If we got offered a huge act who we just loved ? Would that be a gamer changer? Well you can't really make the mansion grounds any bigger so probably not!


What was the initial vision for LTEC? And what is the vision beyond 2016?
To put on a festival that myself and my partners wanted to go to. I also think the natural progression of a festival dictate crowd changes as more and more people find out about it - and it morphs from a tight knit crew (or in our case crews) to a more general crowd. However, the artistic or aesthetic direction of Cake is following an opposite curve and hopefully getting more engaging each year.

A really good festival can hold its vibe even though its crowd naturally changes and progresses: The people who were there in the first year still love it, and newcomers 'get it' instinctively. Rainbow Serpent Festival and Strawberry Fields are great examples of managing these curves.

What do you think the shittest thing about festivals is and how does LTEC avoid it?
For me personally I hate arriving at a festival and being served a premixed drink in a can, then disposable festival food which usually includes a dagwood dog (whoever thought they were a good idea at festivals?!). Profit over quality is really the domain of multinational chains and there is no place for it in an environment which calls itself underground or boutique. We simply avoid it by just caring.

What has been your favourite LTEC moment so far?
Nick Azidis projections onto the mansion our second year were pretty special – as was Client Liaisons debut Cake set that very same year. 2014 was pretty epic with Bicep, Dusky and James Holden just some of the more memorable moments. Last year Todd Terje brought the summer vibes during a beautiful sun filled afternoon DJ set, and later that night Carl Craig finished off what can only be described as an epic closing set. Look, I say it every year, but the true highlight of the festival for me is the venue and space, and it really does feel like you are having lazy Sunday afternoon session with your mates. In your own backyard. With international DJs providing the soundtrack of course.

Let Them Eat Cake takes place at Werribee Showgrounds on January 1 2016 at Werribee Gardens, Victoria AUS. Tickets on sale now.

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