Publique Pay Homage to 1920s Parisian Dadaism and 2016 Sydney Post Punk

Images inspired by an avant-garde art movement are a neat match with Publique’s cold concrete sound.​
December 22, 2016, 4:48am

We misread Publique's new video as "Axl of Love", but there's none of the debauched glam rock found on the Sunset Strip during the prime of Axl Rose's Guns & Roses. The look and sound of the Sydney band is decidedly more East Berlin than West Hollywood, and their upcoming debut Outlying Self, to be released on Burning Rose records, evokes notions of European post-­punk, Killing Joke and Blitz's Second Empire Justice phase.


"Axe of Love" is the first track from the album and the video combines live footage with visuals, composed by Traianos Pakioufakis, that pay homage to 1920s Parisian Dadaism. It's a neat match with Publique's cold concrete sound.

After releasing a couple of tracks earlier this year, the band went their separate ways but as frontman Connor Bugelli explained to us, these new experiences helped shape the album.

"We were drawing new ideas from those places. US, Europe and Japan. Record stores, shows, meeting people, experiencing scenes, etc. Despite how diverse each of our experiences were, when we all came back together into the studio, putting it together was really natural. For the most part, all of it was written at different times, in different locations, but coming back to Sydney and all contributing to put it all together felt like the right thing to do."

"It is interesting, now Outlying Self is done we've found ourselves split all over the world and all over the country again. Lets see what comes out of that."

'Outlying Self' will be available early 2017 via Burning Rose Records.

Image: Mitch Pinney