Kansas's Frank Mason III Dedicates Senior Night to Son

Frank Mason III played his last game at Phog Allen, and his son Amari saw him play for the first time.
February 28, 2017, 3:00pm

Monday night was senior night for the Kansas Jayhawks, and their opponent and Big 12 rival Oklahoma was looking to play spoiler. Kansas had debuted as the No. 1 team earlier in the day for the first time all season, only to find themselves down by ten halfway through the second half to the woeful Sooners squad. The Jayhawks pulled off the comeback, however, spearheaded in part by senior point guard Frank Mason III, and won 73-63 on an emotional night at Phog Allen.

The whole Mason family was there for the game, including Mason's father, Frank Mason II, and his son Amari. The elder Mason got emotional before the game when he realized this would be the last time he watched his son play at home, and we learned that he was sharing an interesting little bookend with his grandson. As a senior, Mason addressed the crowd after the game and informed them that his son was there, and this was the first game he's ever been to. Mason went on to say that everything he does is for Amari, and that he helped him be better man and father. All the while Amari was simply dying of embarrassment.

After the game, Jayhawks coach Bill Self added to the lovefest. "I don't think there's been any player tougher than Frank Mason," he said before Mason gave his speech. "Best guard I've ever coached."

One more, from Frank Mason, on how he feels about his school: "If I had the chance to play here four more years, I swear I would."

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