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NFL Twitter Account Hacked, Announces Roger Goodell's Death

The NFL's Twitter account got hacked, Roger Goodell is not really dead.

Earlier today, someone hacked the NFL's Twitter account and fired off a couple of tweets announcing Roger Goodell's death. It was quickly confirmed to be a hack and that Roger Goodell was in fact alive and busy working to keep Tom Brady from ever setting foot on a football field again. The tweets were quickly deleted and the hackers were eventually locked out of the account.

The @nfl Twitter account was hacked. @nflcommish is alive and well.
— Brian McCarthy (@NFLprguy) June 7, 2016

NFL's Twitter account was hacked. Roger Goodell is working away.
— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) June 7, 2016

It's a weird choice of news to break if you're going to hack the NFL's account and, obviously, everyone's first suspicion was that it's an aggrieved Patriots fan. There is a group of Twitter folks taking credit for it, and it looks like more of a publicity stunt than salty New Englanders, but maybe get a little bit more creative next time. Maybe say something about how CTE is a legitimate disease and the NFL is voluntarily ripping up it's bogus concussion settlement. Faking a death is about as imaginative as the NFL's likely password for the account, which is obviously "Fo0tbaIl!"

Update: According to the hacker the password was "olsen3culvercam88."

The dude's Twitter account that allegedly hacked the NFL's handle is now suspended
— Chelsea Gates (@ChelseaGatesTV) June 7, 2016