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Bradley Wright-Phillips Scores Pinpoint Bicycle Golazo in Hudson River Derby

Now that's how old guys get it done.

¡Cayó el tercero! @TheRealBWP de chilena, le pone pinta de goleada al #NYDerby. #RivalryWeek
— FOX Deportes (@FOXDeportes) May 21, 2016

Oh, we've got derbies in MLS, alright. First, there was (what I'm calling) the Smog Derby: LA Galaxy vs. Chivas USA (RIP). And now we've been bestowed a Hudson River Derby in the form of the New York Red Bulls and NYCFC—ostensibly the most MLS team imaginable, and then the most European retirement league-team imaginable. And it's a blowout for the MLSers, so far.

Despite the fact that Red Bulls' dominance may seem like an argument for developing homegrown MLS talent—over, say, spending $6 million a year on an injured Frank Lampard—one of the few retirement league players on the Red Bulls actually netted a gorgeous goal today. That man's name is Bradley Wright-Phillips. The 31-year-old former Manchester City player seemed spry yet, as he gauged a loose ball in the box—instead of collecting it, and taking his time, Wright-Phillips went straight for the overhead, and guided it into a neat little corner of the goal after stretching it across the keeper. It put the Red Bulls up 3-0 at the half.

Now that's how old guys get it done.