Stephen A. Smith Talks Tebow, Actually Makes Sense for Once

After Tim Tebow's baseball workout, Stephen A. Smith lost his mind and yet somehow managed to make sense.
September 1, 2016, 3:15pm

Welcome to the dawn of a new era. We are in the post-Bayless epoch of First Take, where Tim Tebow is no longer a sacred cow and the studio and your TV sets are no longer Tebow safe spaces. It's even a world where Stephen A. Smith can occasionally make sense—though still only at a high volume.

You may have heard by now that Tim Tebow held a private workout for MLB teams—and there's no way they could keep Mike Piellucci out and miss it. It went like most publicly held baseball workouts for former Heisman winners turned NFL flameouts. There was hitting, running, throwing, swinging, missing, and all the such. Not really enough to declare Tebow a major leaguer or even the next Michael Jordan as a Birmingham Baron.

But damn if Stephen A. didn't get heated about it. I mean, look at the rant he goes on when people are talking about Tebow. Listen to how loud he gets. How he gets angry that someone—ANYONE—would dare compare Tebow to Derek Jeter. Damn it, he's making so much sense. Max Kellerman can't even say anything in rebuttal. Max Kellerman did not come to First Take just so he could sit there with his coiffed hair and neatly trimmed beard and agree with Stephen A. Smith! Still, who would even make these comparisons? Or even consider that workout and decide that it proves the baseball future is bright for Tebow? Who could come to those assumptions off so little evidence and nothing more than faith and a binding allegiance.

Overall I give Tebow a B for his baseball audition. Not bad. Some team absolutely should give him a minor-league shot to prove himself.
— Skip Bayless (@RealSkipBayless) August 30, 2016

Oh, right.