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Toronto Fans Toss Hats on Field to Celebrate Edwin Encarnacion's Hat Trick of Home Runs

Edwin Encarnacion hit his third home run of the day in Toronto and fans celebrated like it was a hat trick.

Blue Jays DH Edwin Encarnacion had three home runs on the day and hit a grand slam for his third in the seventh inning. Toronto absolutely hammered the Tigers 15-1 and the Toronto crowd loved every minute of it. They loved that third home run so much, they delayed the game for several minutes with a distinctly Canadian show of appreciation for Encarnacion's feat: they peppered the field with hats.

Typically tossing your hat on a playing surface is reserved for celebrating a hockey hat trick, but this is Canada so we're going to let it slide. Poor Alex Wilson, who came into a bases loaded situation with two outs, had to stand on that mound and watch as the hats rained down and members of the grounds crew scampered to pick them up. Then, with order restored, he got back on the mound, walked Justin Smoak, and gave up a two-run homer to Russell Martin.