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Panda Takes Flight In Boston

We may have seen our first successful panda flight last night at Fenway Park.

For one brief, yet exhilarating moment last night in Fenway Park, a Panda took flight. Generally speaking, pandas, like most bears, are flightless animals. In researching science, bears, and bearflight, I have come across exactly zero previous examples or even rumors of a flying panda—until last night.

I know what you're thinking: VICE Sports, it's just one example of a panda maybe flying, maybe just extremely gracefully submitting himself to the gravitational forces around him. To which I say: There was a time man could not walk. There was a time man could not feel the soothing warmth of a fire licking his cold skin. There was a time when man could only travel long distances by filthy horse. But then one innovator walked. One genius discovered fire. One man said let's build cars in Detroit.

And all these heroes had one thing in common: belief in themselves and their quest.