We Talked to a Professional Cuck About the 'Alt-Right'

Jimmy Broadway, who has played a cuckold in over 400 porn films, weighs in on the alt-right and what it’s like to get humiliated on camera.
January 9, 2017, 3:00pm
Image: Severe Sex

Over the course of the recent election cycle, the so-called "alt-right" was heavily engaged in what might be deemed meme warfare, in which previous innocuous phrases and images were appropriated for the group's political ends. The most famous instance of this is Pepe the Frog, but chances are you also saw an increasing number of references to cuckoldry, which the white supremacist group used to describe people or groups it found weak or morally reprehensible.


This led to the rise of neologisms like 'cuckservative' to describe members of the GOP whose views fell short of the alt-right's positions, a barrage of articles explaining just what it means to be a cuck, and even a counter-movement by cuckolds who wanted to reclaim the term.

Despite the alt-right's attempt to mold this term into a politicized diss, many people still proudly fly their cuck flags, including Jimmy Broadway, the stage name for a pornstar who might be said to "specialize" in cuckoldry. Broadway has played a cuckold in well-over 400 porn films, and when I called him to ask what he thought about the alt-right's use of the term, he said the group isn't seeing the whole picture.

Motherboard: Hi Jimmy! What does it mean to be a cuck?

Jimmy Broadway: As far as I identify it, it's a broad spectrum of wives having sex with men who aren't their husband, but with their husband's knowledge. Within that there is the traditional cuckold where it's the wife's motivation and she calls all the shots. Then there's a very close parallel fetish called hot-wifing, where it is the husband's motivation and he's setting up and driving the whole thing. Still he's there more as a voyeur. It's not a threesome, it's three people where only the wife and boyfriend are having sex and the husband is watching.

"Cuck" became a negative term in the most recent election with the so-called "alt-right" using it to mean someone who is a weak or morally corrupt person. What are you thoughts on this appropriation of the term?


Yes, in certain scenarios the husband is very weak. In others, he's in the power position and he's just doing it as an additional way to pleasure his wife. It's kind of taking the simplest, most stereotyped version of the fetish and applying that definition of it to the political scenario.

Did the use of "cuck" by the alt-right translate into any noticeable engagement in cuckold films over the election cycle?

Not at all. One of the companies I've been shooting for has been shooting one [cuckold film] a week for 10 years. They're not shooting any more because of who the president is. We've also got other things that sell really well and it's not worth it to adjust the production schedule and sacrifice one of our other successful lines for this line.

Image: Severe Sex

The cuckold genre is one of the most popular porn genres. Why do you think this is?

I haven't crunched numbers on it, but it's definitely up there in popularity. I think there are a lot of things at play in its popularity, starting with what kind of cuckolding you're into. Some people get off on the humiliation aspect of it, some people enjoy it to see the pleasure in the woman. There are variations where the husband will participate and that brings in a bisexuality aspect. It's not really strictly defined as this one thing, it's a broad range of scenarios that kind of fall in the category.

What's it like playing a cuckold in a porn film?


It depends on the people. Some of the people I work with are very good friends of mine, we've known each other for years. Others are complete strangers. It depends on the chemistry of all three of us. This kind of applies to any porn scene. Sometimes there's fantastic chemistry between performers and sometimes it's like, "why are these two people together when they obviously have nothing in common?" In general, to me it's just like working on set behind a camera, but I don't have to do as much. I've been around it for so long I'm used to just watching scenes happen.

"You're pulling things from your personal life, but when someone calls you a pathetic small dick loser, you know it's an act."

How did you get into porn and what led you to the cuckold niche?

My wife and I are lifestyle fetish players and we are filmmakers. We'd been going to parties at a local bondage club and every time we went there the owner of the club would hit my wife up and say if you ever need an extra job, you can come here and work as a professional dominatrix. Finally she decided to give it a shot, but didn't really care for it too much just because she'd get put in this position where if she wanted to get paid for the day then she'd have to compromise on what activities she enjoyed versus what her clients are willing to pay for.

However, the owner of the club had also produced two DVDs and was looking to do a third. They found out we were filmmakers so we came in and produced one DVD which eventually turned into five. I had been production managing and directing these and I realized we could save some money in our budget if I started performing. So I started performing for our company for two years and then started seeking outside work for other companies. At the time I was 42 years old and the perfect role for a middle aged white guy is the husband, the father, or the boss. So I started getting offered these husband roles in cuckold videos and that's how it all got started.


Is there a favorite instance of a cuckold film you've done that comes to mind?

Any time I get to work with Aiden Starr, Mona Wales, or Madeline Marlowe I know those are going to be phenomenal scenes because they are such strong personalities, they understand the genre and they just bring such a high energy.

You had mentioned that your wife is also a filmmaker. Is she an actress as well, and have you ever done a cuckold scene together?

She's kind of scaled back her performing because she prefers to act and direct. We've never done a cuckold scene. One of our personal rules is we never do humiliation scenes together just because it has the risk of becoming too personal. When I'm working with another performer it's acting and everyone knows it's acting. Yeah, you're pulling things from your personal life, but when someone calls you a pathetic small dick loser, you know it's an act. It's not the way they feel, there's not that anger and hatred going on there.

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