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People Are Going Nuts Over a Livestream of a Tiny Town Square

The number of people watching this livestream of Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a full fifth of the town’s population.
Rachel Pick
New York, US
Here is the insightful response to a bus entering the frame.

Sometimes—especially when we're coming down from a long holiday weekend—our brains need a period of acclimation. Shift gears too fast and you'll blow your mental transmission. Maybe that's why about 2,000 people are currently watching a livestream of the town square in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Scenic and quaint, with an estimated population of only 10,135 according to Google, Jackson Hole stationed livestreaming cameras around the town and in surrounding vistas as part of an effort to promote tourism. And we're hooked: There's one planted in a general store titled "Buffalo Meat Webcam," and there's another pointed at the glittering Hoback River. But it's a view of the town square—from behind what, in Jackson Hole, must pass for a major intersection—that has drawn the most viewers.

The comments on the livestream are coming too thick and fast to keep up, but what you've got is a few thousand people essentially playing "Say What You See." "TRUCK!" "Porsche!" "BOAT!" Red vehicles are popular, as are dogs. Jaywalkers are shamed, and people crossing the street with the light are cheered. When a Pepsi truck drove into frame, about 150 people shouted "PEPSI" into the void.

While this livestream sounds like potentially the most boring thing in the world, the effect of watching is almost narcotic. Except for a few trolls posting swastikas, this is a collaborative group of viewers. It's maybe the least hate-filled YouTube comment stream I've ever seen.

And the sleepy town, with grand blue mountains in the distance, seems as worthy of contemplation as any—indeed, the tourism angle may be working. As one commenter said, "IM MOVING TO JACKSON HOLE."