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Let These Gloriously Gooey Videos Put You in a Drippy Trance

Mike Lurie takes materials from your bathroom and makes them into video art.
May 17, 2017, 10:21pm

The thoroughly soothing and exceptionally gooey videos of filmmaker Mike Lurie only last a few minutes at their longest iterations, but manage to show the miraculous power of everyday materials in a very short amount of time. Employing disparate combinations of acrylic paint, oil, milk, and soap, Lurie transforms basic artistic and hygienic supplies into hypnotically flowing visual fragments, accompanied by calming, synced soundtracks also produced by the multi-talented artist.


Inspired by the work of other video artists like Thomas Blanchard, Lurie sets out to make extraordinary visual experiences with his work, a barebones and certainly unpretentious approach to art production. Perhaps 'art production' is even too loaded of a title for Lurie, who talks about these videos in different terms: "My goal in making these videos was to produce tranquil, abstract music videos that explore new visual and auditory spaces and how they interact with each other," he tells Creators.

"It felt like a personal challenge to use a variety of things I learned and accumulated to channel into a unique product," Lurie adds. "I work in video production and have been playing guitar for a while, so this seemed like a fun way to fuse shooting and music together."

Whether this is just a lucky fusion of his work and hobbies or the result of highly arduous and calculated experimentation, there is no doubt that Lurie has stumbled upon a wonderful and simple recipe for incredible aesthetic experiences, much to his own surprise: "I didn't have any expectations going into these videos; I was mainly seeking out a new weekend project," he unabashedly reveals. "It's been truly fascinating to experiment with different blends of materials and see this natural unravelling happen."

For an archive of Mike Lurie's exotic material videos, take a peak as his Vimeo page.


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