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Oh Snap

The British Dream: Generation Ungovernable

Can angry French anarchists tell us anything about the snap election? What’s in Labour’s leaked manifesto? And why does Theresa May want foxes to die?

British politics is a nightmare to keep up with at the moment. Reading every think-piece or news story about how life is getting objectively worse would be enough to make your eyes fall out. That's why we created The British Dream, a podcast that pumps analysis of how everything is ¯ \_(ツ)_/¯ directly into your ears. Stay positive.

Welcome to Broken Britain: a housing crisis with no end in sight, hospitals that look like war zones, a welfare state in tatters. This week, Theresa May finally spoke about what's really at stake in this election, saying she's always been in favour of fox hunting. Less significantly, Labour's manifesto was leaked on Wednesday night, giving the clearest indication yet of what's on offer to the electorate. We discuss all this and more on this week's podcast, and meet France's ungovernable generation – anarchists who were so angry at their political system that they didn't vote in the presidential election. @SimonChilds13

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