Rick and Morty Do America in a Giant Rick-Shaped Car


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Riggity Road Trip!

Rick and Morty Do America in a Giant Rick-Shaped Car

The Rickmobile: coming soon to a Shoney's near you.

If you're driving down the highway and see a giant Rick-shaped truck, don't worry—you haven't slipped into the dimension where people are cars, you're simply crossing paths with the Rickmobile, a Rick-outta-hell-on-wheels that also serves as a mobile merch booth for the popular Adult Swim show.

The Rickmobile will be selling exclusive Rick and Morty collectables at small businesses in 40 cities across the nation, as well as at the San Diego and New York Comic Cons. They'll be driving, Instagramming, and tweeting—hopefully not all at the same time—with a very drunk-looking Rick plush sitting shotgun.


Presumably, the show will start sometime during the tour, but until then, we're hoping the Rickmobile crew will be answering questions about season 3 plot points and when the next episode of Rick and Morty is coming out.

This monumental sculpture on wheels was designed by the LA-based car-pimpers at Ghostlight. We can assume they have a sense of humor that matches the show: the drivers essentially have to climb inside Rick's butt in order to go anywhere.

See where the Rickmobile will be touching down near you here. Brooklynites, get ready to storm Vinnie's Pizza and Barcade on May 18. Rick and Morty allegedly returns to Adult Swim this summer.


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