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'Animeyed' Self-Portraits Explore Our Innermost Fantasies

Flora Borsi's new 'Animeyed' self portraits explore our inner fantasies.
All images courtesy the artist

The young photographer Flora Borsi manipulates surreal images focused on emotions and dreams. She creates self-portraits with exotic animals as fantastical masks in a series titled Animeyed. Her images are immaculate and conceptual, looking to capture the complexities of the human mind.

From rabbits, to snakes over her face, the artist behind Photoshop in Real Life works to intrigue the viewer into looking straight into her eyes. Within the portraits you will find that an animal often hides there as a means to explore the representation of women and their relationships to the body. What does a black cat or a koi fish provoke in you?


The works have been exhibited worldwide, their fantasies and dreams becoming metaphors liberated from these atmospheric images. "I would like to shock people or make them smile with some society critiques," writes Borsi. Check out more from Animeyed below:

Learn more about the artist here.

This article originally appeared on The Creators Project Mexico. 


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