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Depressing Photos of Dogs Waiting for Their Owners to Return

Minke Soolsma been photographing "guard dogs" for four years.
All images courtesy of Minke Soolsma

As a theater technician, Minke Soolsma is always on the road traveling. She brings along her camera to capture moments along the way. She started encountering what she called "guard dogs," dogs tied up outside shops and waiting for their owners. Sometimes they nap, but usually they're confused and a little scared. Their owners are coming back as they promised, right?

Since 2011, Soolsma has been working on her series of guard dogs. "I got the idea when I saw a dog at a store, while they usually stay outside. Since then I suddenly saw them everywhere I looked." Occasionally she would "chat" with the guard dogs. "They were totally alone and not interested in me. There was one that barked. And another wanted so much to play with me he nearly strangled himself with his leash. But the rest were mostly just waiting. She now has about 350 photographs of dogs sitting patiently for their owners.


These images are part of Beeldjagers, an online museum that is entirely dedicated to personal image collections. The website is an initiative of MOTI (Museum Of The Image) with Dagan Cohen, internet curator and media entrepreneur.

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A version of this article originally appeared on The Creators Project Netherlands. 


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