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Comme Des Garcons S/S '14 Re-Imagined As Animated Life Forms

A video art take on Rei Kawakubo's Spring Ready-to-Wear.

Comme des Organismes from ZEITGUISED

Sedition, a site that offers collectors the opportunity to buy, enjoy, sell, and trade limited edition artworks on their online marketplace, has revealed details about the launch of a high fashion-inspired, surrealist video art piece from Berlin animation studio ZeitguisedComme des Organismes. 

From their Press Release: "The project is a reimagination of the Spring 2014 Women’s Collection by Comme des Garçons/Rei Kawakubo. The motion triptych shows an interpretation of what the initial concepts could have looked like if they would not have been realized as a line of runway clothes, but rather spontaneously realised themselves as autonomous life forms."


The HD video, shown above, is two minutes and nine seconds of gooey anthropogenesis, a primordial petri dish of cropped, crippled creatures, congealing on a colored catwalk. Compare it to the original runway show here.

Featuring animation by Derya Ötztürk and sound by Michael Fakesch, Comme des Organismes creates a world in which creatures are borne out of Creativity itself. It's always exciting when one cutting-edge designer in one art medium sparks some crazy ideas in a designer from another. That's the same reason we loved Arca and Jesse Kanda's digital art piece, Fluid Silhouettes, for SSENSE.

To purchase digital stills of the work, you can visit Sedition, but also check out more of Zeitguised's digital eye candy on Vimeo. Pro tip: their music video forMouse On Mars' "Cream Theme" is a tasty, spectrum trip.

Credit: Zeitguised, "Comme des Organismes," digital limited edition. 

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