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Here's The Mixed-Media Puppet Version Of Chatroulette

Fans of "Charlie The Unicorn" will love David Luepschen's gleefully surreal exploration into the depths of 'Chit Chat Roulette.'

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Animator, filmmaker, animator, and illustrator David Luepschen is well-versed in the art of mixed-media storytelling. His latest short film, Chit Chat Roulette,fits comfortably into a body of work which includes flea market photos augmented with funny animated creatures and intricate light painting landscapes. In Chit Chat Roulette, Luepschen explores what a face-shaped wall of blocks, a claymation spotted slug, and a party of balloons might say if they each met a stranger through a Chatroulette-style randomizing chat service.


The exploration takes him gleefully to the far side of strange and back, as strange and surreal creatures explain the personal details of everything from their romantic lives to their mortgages. Luepschen's combination of stop-motion, claymation, outrageous costume design, and CGI creates a world full of weird vibes, voiced with the same childlike wonder that made Internet sensations like Charlie The Unicorn so shareable. So sit back, hit play, and watch Leupschen's wacky characters deal with the Internet in the best way they can: chat with anonymous strangers. Then, check out a couple snapshots of the animator's behind-the-scenes process, below:

Check out more of Luepschan's mixed-media creations on his website.


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