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"Artistect" Fuses The Styles Of Legendary Painters And Iconic Architects

Italian illustrator Federico Babina's latest series imagines a world where Picasso collaborated with Le Corbusier.
September 3, 2014, 2:00pm

Italian illustrator Federico Babina has previously united famous architecture and movie postersbuildings and bands, and even created an architecture alphabet. For his latest graphic design series, he's fusing iconic artists with architects who share similar styles or creative processes—even if not overtly apparent.

Artistect includes 25 images that combines the characteristics of Keith Haring and Willem-Jan Neutelings, Kazimir Malevich and Zaha Hadid, René Magritte and Diller Scofidio, and other iconic creatives. Though the artists' overlapping styles may be extrapolated, Babina proves again that he's got a knack for finding kindred creative spirits in artists from disparate fields. Kandinsky and Wright make sense together—like an expressionist's pairing of ketchup and eggs.


See some artist-architect fusions below, and head to Babina's site for more of his illustration syntheses.

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