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Sculpted Sugar Cubes Create a Fantastical Winter Fantasia

Karni and Saul craft a crystalline world in the animated music video for Katie Melua’s atmospheric ballad “Perfect World.”
Screencap via the author

The look and texture of sugar cubes, with their near perfect crystalline symmetry, is marvelous to the eye, but perhaps even more so in the hands of Karni and Saul. The duo use this appearance to wondrous effect in their latest work, an animated music video for Katie Melua’s atmospheric ballad “Perfect World.” As the camera pans left, viewers see sugar cubes sat beside a cup of coffee before being taken into a wintery wonderland full of the sweet crystals.


Karni and Saul call their style, equal parts photographic and fantastical animation, “Casual Fantasy,” and you can see why. In “Perfect World” the two construct a world within our own—something like a playful brand of magical realism, perhaps unfolding inside the sugar cubes. Sure, even with such amazing animation work, the narrative is a bit saccharine. Then again, isn’t that the point?

Perfect World - Katie Melua from Karni and Saul on Vimeo.

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