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Slide into Fall with 4K Footage of Rocky Mountain National Park

Traipse through the natural majesty of the Colorado park without leaving home.
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Scored to a lilting piano soundtrack, the beauty of Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park is the perfect soothing balm to a sweaty summer. In a breathtaking 4K video, Evan Schneider captures expansive views of the Rocky Mountains sprinkled with shots of stunning vistas, luminous golden treetops, and falling leaves. Viewers are transported to the peaceful enclave of flawless nature, accompanied by a handful of friends and a handheld camera.


Schneider places you behind the driver’s seat as a car curves around enormous mountains, and situates his lens to fall in line with a hiker’s steps. That feeling of autumnal chill, along with the head-high of reaching a mountain’s summit, is all here. It's a terrific way to soak up the feels of fall without making the commitment to travel—or even lacing up those old hiking boots.

Watch the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountain National Park in 4K below:

See more from Evan Schneider on Vimeo.


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