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Here's How You Turn Human Hair Into The Strings Of A Violin

Artist Tadas Maksimovas utilizes his long locks to create an unusual set of violin strings.

We may all play with our hair, but artist Tadas Maksimovas is taking things to the next level by playing on his hair.The experimental artist is using his follicles to create an experimental instrument in a performance piece calledHair Music (The Experiment)Part of Street Musician's Day in London a few weeks back, Maksimovas had his waist-length mane glued into tight fibrous strands, which were wrapped around the tuning pegs of a violin and fitted onto the fiddle as you would normal strings. Then all it took was a violinist, musician Eimantas Belickas, to pick up his bow and start fiddling away.


Now, I'm no expert when it comes to having an ear for music, but the video of the hair-o-lin in action seems to work pretty well, even if it looks like Maksimovas is getting the most abrasive haircut imaginable. The one casualty is that Maksimovas has to lose his luscious locks at the end of it all, but we all know an artist has to suffer for his art.

Check out the instrument in action in the pics and video below.

h/t Design Boom

Photos: Linas Justice


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