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Glitch Fashion Is Front and Center At Tokyo Kaihouku's Design Showcase

Running until July 1 at Isetan Shinjuku's Tokyo Kaihouku store, this event highlight's how glitch art is infiltrating textile-making.
June 24, 2014, 1:50pm

As digital and analog glitch processes continue to find new ways of infiltrating our techno-culture through art, apps, and even furniture, we should have probably expected a rise in glitch explorations in the fashion world. The exhibition “Glitch," running until July 1 at Isetan Shinjuku's Tokyo Kaihouku store, does just that, highlighting glitch's influence on fashion.

A number of items, from tote bags to t-shirts will be exhibited. Fashion items designed by glitch artists Nukeme (who we previously covered here) and Ucnv will be featured amongst work by other up-and-coming glitch artists and designers.


Isetan Shinjuku is also making a glitched-out computer program available to attendees, allowing them to print glitches onto any number of items. These items will be sold, but also illustrate the ways in which glitch fashion is created, namely, through industrial machine and computer error.

And what sort of Tokyo event would it be without some Hello Kitty products? For "Glitch", Isetan Shinjuku partnered with Sanrio to make their various characters and logos available in glitch style. Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, and other Sanrio properties are making appearances in glitch form.

“With advances in technology, methods of expression have also become more progressive," an event rep was quoted as saying. "Glitch is one of such methods, and we wanted to introduce artists embodying this expression. It was by accident that Nukeme came to know the beauty of glitch. And he saw how it could be used in fashion. We want to showcase a new type of fashion.

A colorful, psychedelic glitch coat designed by Nukeme and Ucnv will be on display. Attendees will also see a range of vibrant glitch textiles like hats, jackets, towels, bags, and other items at the event.

See some glitched-out clothing below. And for more on the event, visit Isetan Shinjuku's Tokyo Kaihouku website.


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