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Get the Margaret Thatcher Look!

How to dress like The Iron Lady and some of history's other stylish sass-monsters.
January 10, 2012, 11:50am

A lovely Peacocks press release

I don't know what Peacocks is, but they sent me a press release today declaring that they were the one-stop shop to getting the Margret Thatcher look. However, if you don't think the Maggie look is for you, Peacocks have a whole host of other awesome looks you can rock everywhere from the boardroom to the dancefloor!


Lucrezia is the ultimate boho style icon. Sorry, Florence! Get in line, Sienna! Nuh-huh, Mary-Kate! When she wasn't having sex with her brother or being whored out by her dad, Lucrezia was the original happy-go-lucky fairy queen in blood-splattered pastoral yellows and deep azure blues. Borrow this look ladies, and even your own father won't be able to resist!


Ooh-er, Daddy Cool. I'm ready for my bloody bath!


The 'Bitch from Belsen' was never seen torturing inmates at Ravensbrück, Auschwitz or Bergen-Belsen without her trademark schoolgirl skirt, ruddy knees and riding boots. Fierce. You think you've got the sassitude to pull this outfit off? No worries, lady, Peacocks is here to help!

Complete with a tank top, and that mad-dog Nazi look is yours!


Whoop! Who's this One-Eyed Jack renegade? She may have turned Hustler down, but Casey sure knows how to cause a stir with an outfit. She's Bonnie and Clyde rolled into one, hot bod; evading justice while looking smoking, baby!

Wallflowers beware: This is not an outfit for shrinking violets, but if you've got Casey's coquettish dynamism, this might be the look your love life has been searching for!


Watch out, I smell another 80s comeback! Canada's most stylish rapist and killer has been a byword for retro chic since

. Trends come in, trends go out, but this brutal bouffant never strays the wrong side of fabulous! Sick of trawling around vintage stores for that authentic look? No worries, is here to help! Who's that girl next door? Whoops, she's raping her own sister!

Cheers, Peacocks!