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Watch Our HBO Episode About How the UK's Cocaine Habit Funds Islamic Extremists

In this episode from season three of our HBO show, we traced the cocaine highway from Venezuela to the sinuses of Europeans. Then, we investigated India's growing industry of gestational surrogacy.

In anticipation of the upcoming fourth season of our HBO show which will premiere this February, we are releasing all of season three for free online. Watch all the episodes here, and don't miss the premiere of season four on Friday, February 5, at 11PM on HBO.

Cocaine use in Europe has increased dramatically over the past decade, necessitating the development of new routes to meet the demand. In this episode from season three of our HBO show, Ben Anderson followed the cocaine highway from the streets of Venezuela to drug smuggling boats in the Caribbean to the ports of West Africa and, finally, to desert territories controlled by Islamic extremists. By exploring the trafficking hotspots of South America and Africa, we found out exactly who is profiting from Europe's cocaine habit.

Then, VICE looked at the boom in one of the world's newest billion-dollar industries: gestational surrogacy. The cost of surrogacy in the US can be over $100,000, leading many prospective parents to look for affordable options in other countries. Gianna Toboni headed to India, where commercial surrogacy is legal, to investigate this growing industry.