Papal Paraphernalia


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Papal Paraphernalia

We went out in the streets of Mexico City looking for papal memorabilia.
February 17, 2016, 4:40pm

Mask– $5

This article was originally published on VICE Mexico

Last Friday, around 7:30 PM, Pope Francis landed in Mexico City's International Airport. This is the first time the Argentinian pope has visited Mexico since he assumed office. During his week-long stay, he is expected to stop by the states of Chiapas, Michoacan, and Chihuahua.

As anticipated, the country has been busying itself to receive the pontiff with road closure announcements, billboard ads, and stands that sell pope memorabilia. We went out in the streets of Mexico City, looking for objects that will help us remember this papal visit forever.


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Pin – $0.82

Rosary – $0.82

Bracelet – $0.55

Card – $0.44

Card – $0.44

T-shirt – $4.39

Pennant – $0.22

Banner – $3.62

Poster – $0.55

Mask – $0.27