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Scientists Invented a 'Second Skin' That Can Make You Prettier

In the future, everyone will be wearing this magic goop that can eliminate wrinkles and replicate the look of youthful, healthy skin.
May 10, 2016, 2:22pm

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A team of scientists from Harvard and MIT have created an "elastic, wearable" film that can be placed invisibly on your face to make wrinkles and bags under your eyes disappear, according to a report released Monday.

This "second skin," as the study calls it, is made from FDA-approved chemicals, the New York Times reports, and no skin irritation, rashes, or allergies were reported during the trials.

Applying the new layer of skin and becoming the beautiful self you've always wanted to be is pretty easy, too. A video from MIT shows the application process, which involves one primer liquid being rubbed on the skin, and then another cream on top to adhere to it, creating an elastic substance that looks like young, healthy skin.

The film can be worn for more than a day and is also water resistant, requiring a special polymer to dissolve it. Hypothetically, people could mix the creams with sunscreen to create a longer lasting, invisible, water-proof sunscreen layer, or help in treating eczema, according to the Times.

The whole thing seems like a strange, futuristic magic, something Phillip K. Dick might dream up if he was in a particularly good mood. Will the future be full of gorgeous, youthful-looking people wearing this high-tech goop? Could things actually be looking up?

Well, probably not, but at least we know that our faces will be wrinkle-free in 2050 as we drink our reclaimed urine and invade Canada to steal their water reserves, so there's that.