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This Tiny Romanian Town Is Famous Because Snoop Dogg Didn't Go There

Snoop, who is on tour in Bogota, Colombia, tagged himself in the village of Bogata, Romania. We went to Bogata to find out what he'd find there, should he actually visit.

The capital of Colombia has probably seen better days.

This article was written by our colleagues from VICE Romania

A few days ago, Snoop Dogg, who's currently on tour in Bogota, Colombia, posted on Instagram and accidentally tagged himself in the small village of Bogata, Romania. A simple everyday error in this fast-paced world of social media, probably made by one of his staffers.

But it wasn't a simple everyday thing for the people of Romania. Understandably, the rapper's post led to an uproar in the Eastern European country.


A work of photoshop. Photo via Instagram

Romanians started photoshopping Snoop Dogg in pictures of Bogata, Romania, and "the only way Snoop would ever come to Romania is if he got extremely high" has become a very popular local joke in the last few days.

The mayor of Bogata even invited Snoop to visit him for some traditional Romanian cabbage stew and a glass of plum-based booze.

Bogata's new tourism campaign slogan: "Snoop Dogg checked into Bogata, Mures by mistake - but you don't have to!"

A campaign to lure tourists to Bogata was inevitable. Romanians usually feel a bit left out of everything happening in the world, so now that the world's eye was suddenly upon them, they couldn't miss this opportunity to promote the country's rustic beauty.

We went to the secluded village, to talk to the locals and find out what Snoop would find there, should he actually visit some time.

Some Bogata locals

We first visited Bogata's main hotspot: a pub that also doubles as a shop. Janos Bacsi, one of the locals, told us that Snoop would like Bogata, because "people here grow a lot of hemp." Disappointingly, he meant industrial hemp—not the kind you can smoke. Bacsi also informed us that Bogata is home to "the smallest railroad bridge in the country."

Bogata's main hotspot

Bogata's millennials were pretty excited by the possibility of Snoop Dogg stopping by. One teenager we spoke to said, "We like him, but he smokes way too much. We like to smoke here too, but not as much as he does. We do rap a lot though."

He added that the rapper would probably like the people in Bogata, who are very close to their animals. As a testament to this, we found out that one of the villagers calls himself "Goat."

There don't seem to be any clubs in Bogata, but there is a house numbered 420. That in itself is probably not enough reason for Snoop to stop by, but it certainly won't hurt the village's chances of a visit from him either. Until then, Romanians will eagerly await the moment a famous person uses a Romanian location tag on purpose.