Photographer Bruce Gilden Has a New Show Opening in London


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Photographer Bruce Gilden Has a New Show Opening in London

In a rare UK exhibition, notorious street photographer points his camera at the people of London.

What does Britain look like to a New Yorker like Bruce Gilden? One glance at the photographer's work reveals a particular set of characteristics: deep-set wrinkles, furrowed brows, blemished skin, or, in his words, "People I can engage with: somebody whose face, and particularly eyes, screams a story."

Luckily, Britain has a lot of those.

Gilden's latest portrait project, A Complete Examination of Middlesex, will be exhibited from May 21 to 31, 2015 at the Cob Gallery. The photos were taken in London over a three-year period and will also be collated into a book, published by the Archive of Modern Conflict.


Street photography may have been bastardized by people in trilbies and bangles on fashion blogs, but Gilden is the master. His work is about getting up-close-and-personal, about creating photographs that are upfront without being confrontational, beautiful without being pretty.

Gilden is a long-standing contributor to VICE, but it's not often his work shows in the UK. Be sure to check it out.

For more on Gilden, watch our series 'Take It or Leave It with Bruce Gilden':

'A Complete Examination of Middlesex' has been curated by Next to Nothing: Imogen Prus, Hattie Moir and Natasha Wigoder. Scroll down for photos featured in the show.

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