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For the Love of God Someone Help This Man Get the Snakes Out of His Attic

He doesn't know what to do.
June 1, 2016, 7:42pm

Mark Hyatt owns a home in Greenwood, South Carolina. Unfortunately, that home has snakes in the attic. At least two snakes, but Mark thinks maybe there's another one up there.

Mark really wants someone to get rid of them for him, because no sane person would want to deal with a couple of attic snakes themselves. Mark is at a loss.

In hopes of remedying the whole snake situation, Mark shot a video and sent it over to WSPA 7 News, who posted it on their site along with a write-up that verges on haiku.

The video is mostly just Mark marveling at the snakes, inching toward the snakes spilling down from his attic, and then shuffling back to keep a safe distance. For the love of God, can someone out there help this man?

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