Photos of the Stuff That Fascinates People While They're Tripping On LSD

r/LSD is where people attempt to document their mid-trip visuals, which – to the rest of us – are literally just chairs and walls.
lsd advice
Background: Pixabay; Screenshots via r/LSD

This week, r/LSD – a subreddit, as it's name suggests, about LSD – made the rounds on Twitter. Among some genuinely useful tips, from people sharing microdosing advice and seasoned veterans passing on their knowledge to newbies, there are also a ton of posts from people mid-trip.

Most of these start out as you'd expect, with questions like, "Why do I all my organs feel like they heating up slowly? [sic]", or a 16-year-old getting existential and asking the group how to go about being more direct with people and taking control of his life.


But then they begin take a more absurd turn, when people start sharing the visuals they're hallucinating. Except, of course, we can't see what they see.

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Since the original tweet garnered so much attention, there are of course some more recent posts on the subreddit now that are almost certainly not real. But many of the older ones are – and even the joke posts accurately capture an experience that anyone who's taken psychedelics will recognise.

Anyway, here's a selection of some of those posts (regular r/LSD users are already annoyed it's been taken over by people from Twitter, and probably won't be happy we're giving it extra air, but what's done is done and it can't get any worse, I'm very sorry).

r/LSD screenshot
r/LSD screenshot
r/LSD Screenshot
r/LSD screenshot
r/LSD screenshot
r/LSD screenshot
r/LSD screenshot