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People Tell Us What Their Last Relationship Taught Them In 6 Words

“Your highschool boyfriend isn’t the one.” 
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I have always hated it when people say, at least you learnt something, when a relationship ends. Because it can often feel like your time has been wasted, even in a good relationship, and at worst, a bad relationship can leave you feeling drained and less like yourself than before. 

But even I have to admit, sometimes it does take a relationship that doesn’t work out to show you what you don’t want, or what it is you really need.


But please don’t get into a shitty one to test that out. Just trust us. 

Good relationships take work, and the mahi can’t be done without some good-old self reflection. 

VICE asked it’s readers to tell us what their last relationship taught them in just 6 words, and here’s what they had to say: 

“Can both be cool, not together.” 

“Sex clouds my judgement in relationships.” 

“Love alone won’t make it work.” 

“That I am a raging bisexual.”

“Don’t date until you’re really ready.” 

“I am better on my own.” 

“Can be friends but not lovers.”

“We don’t live in a bubble.” 

“The wrong person dims your light.”

“Boundaries, self-respect, needs, want’s, decisiveness, masculinity.”

“Your highschool boyfriend isn’t the one.” 

“Don’t let someone guilt trip you.”

“If he convinces you to stay, run”

“How to fart confidently in public.” 

“Deluded narcissists believe their own lives.”

“Some people are just that boring.” 

“Self reflection is needed for honesty.” 

“Don’t be a frog in boiling water.”

“Self-worth, I deserved feeling loved.”

“Patience isn’t always a virtue.”

“Need to deal with internalised homophobia.” 

“Don’t stay to not hurt someone.”

“I actually don’t want a relationship.”

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Rachel Barker is a writer / producer at VICE NZ in Aotearoa.