Monthly Horoscope: Leo, September 2022

Welcome to Virgo season, dear Leo!

The sun in Virgo illuminates the sector of your chart that rules themes like wealth, comfort, your belongings, and your sense of security: Leos are famously luxurious and glamorous, but your sign also has a practical approach to money that is often ignored by astrologers. This Virgo season can find you rethinking your budget, finances, and how you organize your stuff!


September opens with Mars in Gemini aligning with Jupiter, currently in fellow fire sign Aries, creating an exciting atmosphere in your social life that’s fantastic for connecting with new people and new ideas. An expansive energy is in the air, and your sense of adventure is turned on. On September 2, Mercury in Libra opposes Jupiter, which might be a particularly busy time for communication, and perhaps find you sharing big ideas—just watch out for exaggerations or rumors.

One of the major highlights of this year is the Mars retrograde in Gemini, which begins on October 30. Mars enters its pre-retrograde shadow period on September 3, and during this period, you might get some foreshadowing of what to expect during the actual retrograde. Changing in your social life may be a theme as you leave behind certain circles and connect with new ones. The way you tackle your long-term goals could change. Mars retrograde ends on January 12, 2023 and clears its post-retrograde shadow on March 15, 2023.

Venus enters Virgo on September 5, bringing blessings to the financial sector of your chart! This can be an exciting time for negotiations or making requests. A lovely gift could come your way. Emotionally, you may be reflecting on themes like self-esteem, and Venus in Virgo will bring you a boost of confidence and help you get clear on your values. In your love life, sentimental tokens may be exchanged.


Mercury retrograde in Libra begins on September 9, which can find you redoing paperwork, revisiting conversations, and rethinking decisions, particularly regarding talks and plans that have come up since the pre-retrograde shadow period began on August 20. Mercury retrograde ends on October 2 and the post-retrograde shadow clears on October 17, giving you plenty of time to review whatever Mercury retrograde brings up for your consideration. 

During Mercury retrograde, Astrologers typically advise against signing contracts, traveling, starting new projects, or making big purchases due to miscommunications and delays, but if you can go slow, double check your work, read the fine print (at least twice!), get a second opinion, and stay flexible, there’s no reason why Mercury retrograde should stand in your way! Use this time to slow down, and you’ll be working with the energy, not against it.

You may be settling a debt or resolving an issues during the full moon in Pisces on September 10. Full moons are often emotional periods, and this can be an especially powerful new moon for releasing the past and coming to terms with how you feel. This is a powerful opportunity to offer an apology or forgiveness: Pisces is the last sign on the zodiac wheel and a full moon in this sign is a call for closure.

The sun connects with Uranus in Taurus on September 11, which can bring exciting attention your way: Financial rewards and success may arrive, perhaps unexpectedly, as Uranus is the planet of surprise. Breakthroughs and upgrades can take place. Venus squares off with Mars on September 16, kicking up a fun energy in your social life—but also on this day, the sun opposes Neptune, so watch your spending and be careful about misunderstandings, laziness, or even fibs about money.


You may be thinking back to September 2 as Mercury opposes Jupiter on September 18: The big plans discussed that day may be reworked and refined at this time. Also on this day, the sun mingles with Pluto in Capricorn, which can bode well for you financially or inspire a hugely productive energy at work. In your personal life, a big transformation can take place as you drop an old habit or approach wellness in a new way. Venus connects with Uranus on September 20, perhaps bringing a pleasant and unexpected gift!

September 22 brings the autumn equinox as the sun enters Libra! Libra season is all about communication for you, dear Leo, and on September 23 you may realize something important about your communication style, make a big discovery in your research, or find valuable information of some kind as the sun meets Mercury retrograde. Also on September 23, Mercury retrograde re-enters Virgo, kicking up conversations about money and finding you revisiting paperwork or negotiations regarding wealth. 

Venus opposes Neptune on September 24, which might find you contending with your insecurities. We think of Leos as being spotlight loving, flashy, and full of confidence, but all of us, no matter how many Leo placements we have in our natal charts, sit with insecurity from time to time! Something you expected to be true, or a wish or fantasy you held, may not be what you thought it was. Misunderstandings about money or your belongings might also take place during this alignment.


The best way to work with this energy is to reconnect with your values, remember your worth, and spend time with trusted friends who you can share your feelings with. We all may be sensitive at this time, so it’s unlikely you’re alone in this, Leo! Connect with your loved ones. A fresh start is soon be on the way: September 25 brings the new moon in Libra, marking the beginning of a new conversation. A new idea or way of thinking about things arises. New information may come to light, an inspiring message could come your way.

September 26 finds Venus connecting with Pluto, Mercury retrograde meeting Venus, and the sun opposing Jupiter: Venus’s alignment with Pluto can find you accessing something quite rare or valuable! Mercury retrograde meeting Venus might mean revisiting a conversation about money with a new perspective. New negotiations could take place: Mercury retrograde can bring delays and miscommunications, but it can also reveal information you didn’t previously have access to, and this intel can benefit you at this time! 

You may be thinking back to August 22 as Mercury connects with Pluto on September 27: Conversations and research that took place then may have new relevance now. Information might come to light that helps you resolve a mystery. Secrets may be shared. Discussions about money and power might be revisited. Mars connects with Saturn in Aquarius on September 28, finding you and your partners discussing long-term plans and commitments: While Mercury retrograde might mean that plans that need to be reworked for a while, some exciting strategizing can still take place! 

Venus enters Libra on September 29, which could bring some sweet messages of love and affection! Communication between you and your partners gets a boost at this time: Venus in Libra is all about peace, harmony, and getting along! While this bodes well for your love life, Venus in Libra is also lovely for all your other relationships, too, whether that means getting along with your neighbors or having productive conversations with business partners. 

Good luck this month, Leo, and see you in October!