Man Dies After Being Gored at Spanish Bull-Running Festival

The unnamed 55-year-old bled to death after suffering critical injuries to his left thigh.
Dipo Faloyin
London, GB
November 1, 2021, 12:41pm
Participants run next to Cebada Gago fighting bulls on the third day of the San Fermin bull run festival in Pamplona, northern Spain on July 9, 2018​.
Participants run next to fighting bulls on the third day of the San Fermin bull run festival in Pamplona. Photo: JAIME REINA/AFP via Getty Images

A man has been gored to death by a bull at the Fira de Onda bull-running festival in eastern Spain. 

The unnamed 55-year-old was attacked repeatedly on Sunday as onlookers tried in vain to distract the bull away from him. He eventually bled to death at a nearby hospital in Villareal after suffering critical wounds to his left leg and head. 

The local council has cancelled all remaining bull-running events at the festival. 

The incident at the festival in the town of Onda is the latest in a series of deaths and serious injuries sustained by participants taking part in one of Spain’s longest-running traditions, sparking an ongoing nationwide debate about whether the country should abolish bull-running. 

At least 16 people have been killed while taking part in the infamous Pamplona bull run since 1910, while dozens of participants have been injured competing in runs across the country in recent years.