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David Bowie's 'Twin Peaks' Character Returned with His Permission

He gave his blessing for Philip Jeffries to make a comeback before his death.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

One of the most surprising things about the recently-ended Twin Peaks reboot was the regular appearance of musical acts (including Nine Inch Nails, and Chromatics, and pretty much everyone else who makes music that might come under the #atmospheric Soundcloud tag). It which was pretty incongruous with the general vibe – but then, 'incongruous' is basically David Lynch's last name.

However, perhaps the most eyebrow-raising guest spot from the music world was put in by David Bowie who reprised his role as FBI agent Philip Jeffries despite, you know, dying in 2016. Though it's unclear whether Bowie was aware of the fact that Jeffries' role would be so crucial in the return, executive producer Sabrina Sutherland has clarified in a Reddit AMA that he knew he'd be involved, stating that he "did give us permission to use his clips in this season."

While it's probable that Bowie actually wasn't up to date with the intricacies of his storyline, it's reassuring to know he was involved. And you do have to admit it's pretty on brand for both him and Lynch to literally hatch a plan to bring Philip Jeffries back from beyond the grave. Bravo, Davids.

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