Thousands of Orange, Trump-Shaped Ecstasy Pills Seized in Germany

​It's not the first time the president's mug has popped up on a batch of illicit drugs.
Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US
Foto af ecstasy og Trump af hhv. Polizei Osnabrück/AP og Drew Angerer/Getty Images.

Back in July, ecstasy etched into the shape of President Trump's face surfaced in the UK, where users had picked it up from dark-web dealers promising to "make partying great again." Now—just as Trump himself gained a groundswell of support across the US—it looks like the party drug that bears his likeness is making its way across Europe.

Police confiscated roughly 5,000 of the orange, Trump-shaped pills over the weekend during a routine traffic stop in Osnabrück, Germany, Deutsche Welle reports. The cops pulled over a 51-year-old man and his 17-year-old son on the highway as they made their way to Austria from the Netherlands, where the legendary Trump pills are reportedly manufactured. The two Austrians told the cops they'd popped over to the land of clogs to buy a car, but that the deal somehow went sour, and they backed out.

Police searched the vehicle and scooped up five bags filled to the brim with the orange tablets, which bear Trump's name on one side and a Flinstones vitamin–looking etching of his puckered face on the other. The cops—who have since detained the two passengers—said their haul had a street value of roughly $45,800.

It's not the first time drug manufacturers have used Trump's mug to market a batch of illicit drugs. In February, a Florida sheriff's department found the president's face stamped onto packages of heroin in a record-setting drug bust. And there's apparently nothing like getting stoned on Trump OG, a THC-heavy hybrid whose "head and body effects will change how you view our president elect."

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