Aquarius, July 2017


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Aquarius, July 2017

Welcome to Cancer season, Aquarius!

Welcome to Cancer season, Aquarius! This is a busy month, and you're getting shit done. One of your greatest qualities is your ability to problem-solve—as well as your inventiveness—and this skill will come in handy early, when Mars, in Cancer, opposes Pluto, in Capricorn.

This is an angry combination of planets. Mars is the planet of war, and Pluto rules death (as well as rebirth). Massive changes will come as a result of this opposition; endings take place, and big realizations are made. However, the process will be harsh if you give in to rage, manipulation, or shady behavior. This is not the day to pick a fight! Instead, tap into your rare and special ability to stay cool in a hard situation.


The Sun will also oppose Pluto later this month, July 10, bringing tension and revealing controlling behavior. Issues you have been ignoring can't be repressed any longer. Issues you didn't realize were a problem, or problems that were brewing behind your back, will become evident. Difficulties at work, concerning your schedule, or even with your health and self-care routine, will need to be addressed. I know your ability to problem-solve will come in handy!

But sweetness is on the way thanks to love-and-beauty planet Venus entering fellow Air sign Gemini on July 4. This will inspire you creatively and bring good, fun vibes to your love life. It's also a brilliant time for creating art. There's a celebratory mood in the atmosphere, and it's an excellent time to party!

You'll be in an affectionate mood, and it's likely a new crush will enter the scene. If you're already in love, you and your partner will make special memories together. Gemini is a light, sociable energy, so the vibe will be chill and friendly when Venus is in this sign.

Three planets square (a tense yet productive astrological aspect) your planetary ruler, Uranus, which is in Fire sign Aries. First, it's Mercury on July 4, which will bring unexpected news (as well as nervousness, so skip the extra energy drink). Then Mars, on July 17, which will propel you into action (and will find you totally irritable, if anyone is hindering your independence). Finally, it's the Sun, on July 20, which will bring surprises. There's plenty of action—perhaps out of impatience. But remember, some profound aha moments will spur you into action.


Mercury enters Leo on July 5, activating the relationship sector of your chart, Aquarius! Sit with your partners and chat about life—you'll learn a lot about them. In fact, they might not shut up. (And they might talk a lot about themselves—you know how self-centered that Leo energy is.)

The full moon in Capricorn arrives July 8 (or 9, if you're on the East Coast). Full moons are usually super tiring; this one is especially so. The Sun is in nurturing Water sign Cancer, encouraging you to reflect on self-care, but also pushing you to get organized and focus on your responsibilities. You'll have plenty of hard work in July, but this full moon asks that you take a step back from all the effort you're putting into everything—you'll need a break. Unwind, relax, and release. The atmosphere is emotional—feelings you haven't had time to face will come to the surface. Secrets will be revealed. Hidden spaces will be illuminated. This full moon in Capricorn will pull you away from everyday life and force you to examine mystical, emotional, private issues. This is a brilliant time for a fast—from technology. You're always connected, so turn off the Wi-Fi and enjoy nature.

Mars enters Leo July 20, followed by the Sun on July 22, again illuminating the relationship sector of your chart. Leo season is all about partnership, Aquarius! Your lovers, your colleagues, and even your enemies—learning to get along with them, and create a fair give-and-take, is what this period is all about.


A new moon in warm, joyful Fire sign Leo arrives July 23, creating a fresh start for you in your relationships. It's time to plant new seeds and reconnect with folks who make you happy. New moons are all about new beginnings, but they are also time for quiet reflection, and for tapping into one's inner voice. What's yours whispering to you? You're ultra logical, Aquarius; don't tune out your inner voice just because it says weird shit sometimes.

Venus opposes your other planetary ruler (yes, you have two!), Saturn, in Sagittarius, on July 24. This is one of the more difficult days of the month. Rejection is in the air, and people aren't in a friendly or affectionate mood.

Don't plan parties or important meetings; folks will be grumpy. But it won't be all bad. Mercury makes a harmonious connection with Uranus on July 24, so expect surprising news to arrive, and a breakthrough in understanding a complex problem.

Mercury enters Virgo on July 25, encouraging you to discuss intimacy and trust, grief and mourning. Complex issues—shared resources, money—will also be topics. Virgo is an analytical, practical sign. As rough as all these themes can be, Mercury, in Virgo, will facilitate a clear, grounded way to communicate about them.

Venus mingles with Uranus on July 30—this will be exciting! Uranus is the planet of electricity and excitement, and Venus is all about love and beauty. Unexpected romance, and a burst of creative inspiration, will arrive. Take a risk! Watch out for who you might meet. You're weird and you're kinky, Aquarius, and people will totally get it, instead of being confused by it.

The month wraps up with sweet Venus entering soft, sensitive Water sign Cancer on July 31. Do something special to pamper yourself, Aquarius, like a spa treatment. Beauty seeps into your everyday life while Venus is in Cancer. So make each of your mundane tasks a little more magical—take the long way when you walk to work, for example, so you can pass by a garden or park; add meditation to your morning routine. Finding small ways to make your day lovely will be so worth it—especially in August, which will be intense. See you then!