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YouTuber Builds Cursed DIY Dual-Screen ‘Laptop’

Finally, you can take two screens on the go... sort of.
A DIY dual-screen laptop
Screengrab:YouTube/Anitomicals C

Dual screens are pretty standard in the world of PC Gaming, where folks use one screen to pwn noobs and another to watch the Joe Rogan Experience. That’s just the way it is.

PC gamers on the go—and with a healthy amount of disposable income—can lug around fancy gaming laptops, but have a hard time bringing dual screens outside the house. Until now.

First spotted by Hackaday, YouTuber “Anitomicals C” has cobbled together a portable gaming rig that is, quite literally, all monitors. His machine is an impressive and impractical bit of craftsmanship—a monstrous proof of concept not meant for actual use.


“I saw the MacBook Pro with the function keytouch bar and wondered, ‘what if we took that and stretched that across the entire keyboard?’” Anitomicals C explained in his video describing the project.. “You lose the keyboard and trackpad, but you get two screens.”

The final machine is a chunky portable desktop with two stripped down 14-inch LCD monitors. Anitomicals C notes that he couldn’t cram a mouse and keyboard into the set-up, so he has to plug them into the motherboard, leaving the internals exposed.

The rig contains two SSDs, 32 gigs of ram, a Ryzen 1700x, and a GTX 1080 mini so it can keep up with all the latest games. It also weighed 22 pounds.

“I wouldn’t recommend building one….just holding one like this tires my hands ou—maybe because I don’t gym.”Anitomicals C said in the video. “If you pull this out at a Starbucks, people are going to think that you’re crazy.”

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