This Video of a 96-Year-Old Frolicking in the Snow Will Melt Your Frozen Heart

"Thanks, thanks, thanks, thank you God!"
November 16, 2018, 5:43pm
Armando Trull's 96-year-old mother
Still via Armando Trull

It isn't even Thanksgiving yet, but the goddamn frigid weather is already here. An early winter storm dumped snow across much of the Northeast this week, forcing everyone to prematurely unearth hats and gloves and those weird fleece tubes you put on your face from the depths of their closets and grumpily trudge out into the cold.

But as depressing as it is to realize that we somehow skipped over fall and stumbled blindly into winter, our collective misery might just be worth it—because without the cold, we'd never have this video of a 96-year-old woman frolicking in the snow, which is just about the purest thing the world has ever seen.


On Thursday, Twitter user Armando Trull posted a video of his mother marveling at the early snowstorm in DC. Apparently, this was the first time she'd seen a snowfall since moving up north from Miami, and it blew her mind.

"I feel happy, so happy," she says, watching the snow accumulate in a DC backyard. "I have to say thank God for giving me the opportunity to watch something that I love… Thanks, thanks, thanks, thank you God!"

Watching her face as she stares outside in awe is unbearably sweet on its own, but the video somehow gets even better when Trull goes and grabs his mom a handful of snow. "I can't believe it!" she cries in glee, before throwing the snowball straight at the camera.

Give the thing a watch above and say thanks, thanks, thanks, thank you God for giving you the opportunity to share in her boundless joy, if only for a moment. If witnessing this 96-year-old's utter bliss won't melt your cold, frostbitten heart, then nothing will.

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