This Country Tune About Not Dying in Floods Is the Real Song of the Summer

The National Weather Service of America wants you to know that you should "Turn Around Don't Drown" in this alarmingly catchy and terrifyingly dystopian new ad.
July 10, 2018, 8:10pm

The weather! It's been pretty scary lately, what with dozens of people literally being burned to death because of the extreme heat this summer. That's not to mention rising sea levels and ferocious tropical storms leading to widespread flooding. Luckily, your friendly local government agencies like the National Weather Service are here to let you know that your impending death by drowning can be avoided if you pay attention to this simple little country ditty:

The song was written and performed by a dude named Matt Hawk, whose official Facebook page says he's a singer/songwriter from Devine, Texas. I have no clue how the NWS picked him out of the crop of many amateur artists who submitted their music (or were they scouted? I don't know), but he really delivers on this 30-second ode to not driving into water like a dumbass. Think about how lame this would've been if it were full-length. It's so much better as a snippet. It doesn't need much more than that to get the message across. As an aside, how terrifying is it that the American government has to warn people about the problem they are largely causing by hiring folks to write cheerfully catchy songs?

In its inoffensive infectiousness, rootsy trappings, and ominous portents of biblical doom, "Turn Around Don't Drown" is the one true song of summer 2018. Not Drake, not Cardi B, but Matt fucking Hawk. It's a future meme we can relate to because we all fear death, but love jams. Please keep playing this song so that you remember how not to die in a flood. It will not save you from anything else, but it will protect you from this specific fate.

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This article originally appeared on Noisey CA.