Tierra Whack Releases 'Whack World,' a Grotesque Visual for Her Debut Project

The eccentric Philadelphia rapper is letting people into her world for her debut, 'Whack World.'
Queens, US

When Tierra Whack released the video for her single "MUMBO JUMBO," it's dystopic dentist message wasn't easy to decipher. It felt like a revival of the feeling Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes conjured in the 90s with their attention to detail and knack for pushing boundaries. Today, Whack released her debut project, Whack World, with a 15-minute visual medley to show off just how limitless her imagination is.


For each of the 15 songs, none of which last longer than a minute, she transforms into different versions of herself—shapeshifting seamlessly between the molds of nimbly rapper, chilly songwriter, even a pitch-shifted cartoon abstraction (seriously wait until you hear "Dr. Seuss"). Whack also released "Pet Cemetery," "Bugs Life," and "Fruit Salad," on YouTube as shorts separate from the medley. It's the perfect introduction for anyone who isn't familiar with the former Philadephia battle rapper and a portal into the strange world of Whack.

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