Megan Thee Stallion's New Song Is Extremely Horny

"Sex Talk" is the Houston-bred rapper's new single ahead of her upcoming project 'Fever.' Yes, it's just as good as you're expecting.
Queens, US
Megan Thee Stallion
Screenshot from "Big Ole Freak"

Megan Thee Stallion is everywhere. If you weren't an early fan (she affectionately calls them "Hotties") who was privy to her ascent over the last three years, you might have caught her candied visual for her breakthrough single "Big Ole Freak," or rapid-fire freestyle. Whether its for her NSFW lyrics ("I'ma make him wait for the pussy/Hit it til you big ole skeet") or her natural gift at freestyling, Megan has a chokehold on the conversation. Today, the Houston Hottie is moving past Tina Snow, the mixtape she released last June. "Sex Talk" is a little something to hold the Hotties over until Fever, her next project, is released next month. In true stallion fashion, Megan is without restraint.


"Sex Talk" has a booming production with bass heavy enough to complement Megan's no-nonsense approach to dirty talk. "You know you need to come give me that dick," Megan raps, setting the tone of the song with her opening lines. The lyrics that follow are every bit as explicit as you'd imagine, following the precedent she's set on songs like "Freak Nasty" and "Big Ole Freak." She sprinkles her God-level adlibs across the track, which are a combination of throaty groans and kissing noises. Before she makes her exit, Megan sets the record straight for the skeptics who think she uses her sexual prowess to trap a man. "He said, 'Girl, you tryna trap me'/Aww, hell no nigga, no I ain't/You can hit that door," she says. "Sex Talk" is more evidence that Megan isn't looking to be tamed.

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