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Monthly Horoscope: Pisces, February 2019

Welcome to Aquarius season, dear Pisces!
January 31, 2019, 4:05pm

The eclipses are behind us, and things are slowly starting to fall into a smoother routine for you (last month’s eclipses brought big shake-ups in your social life and daily schedule!)—however, dear Pisces, February won’t be any less intense than January!

Mars, the planet of war, squares off with Pluto, the planet of power, on February 1—some very intense endings are taking place. Watch out for fights, particularly when it comes to money, and especially about being valued. After last month’s eclipse in regal Leo, people were very sensitive about feeling appreciated (you, Pisces, felt this most at work), and now, tempers are flaring. Sweet Venus connects with rebellious Uranus on February 2, which will encourage us to find new ways to enjoy life—the old ways just aren't working anymore! A novel idea may pay off in an unexpected way.


On February 3, Mercury connects with your ruling planet, Jupiter, bringing a big boost in intuition, and Venus enters Capricorn, bringing blessings in your social life! Sweet, sexy Venus in sensual earth sign Capricorn asks us to be smart about how—and with who—we spend our time. You’re especially appreciating the intellectual connection you hold with people. The other thing you're valuing? SLEEP! Especially during the new moon in Aquarius on February 4. It’s time to unwind, dear Pisces. If you’re in a witchy mood, dream work is perfect for this new moon. A lot of stuff is moving around for you emotionally—a new moon means a fresh start is here. But first, you need to rest.

The sun connects with expansive Jupiter on February 7, and a lucky energy is in the air. Also on February 7, Mercury connects with Mars, moving conversations along, especially at work. On February 9, Mercury connects with electric Uranus, bringing brilliant ideas on the money front, and again, in your career. Communication planet Mercury enters your sign, Pisces, on February 10, helping you express yourself and feel more awake, too—Aquarius season has you in a dreamy mood—enjoy!

Mars meets Uranus on February 13, beginning a new cycle in your life around money—we’ve been talking a lot about money this month! Well, a lot of surprising things will happen in your finances, so it’s crucial that you get your budget sorted. On a spiritual level, Mars meeting with Uranus is all about breaking out of old patterns—this is an exciting time to take risks; however, you will have to strongly keep your own security in mind. Action planet Mars enters grounded earth sign Taurus on February 14, which will help you tackle some important conversations and express your ideas. You, Pisces, are flexible—but Taurus is not known for flexibility. However, this could be helpful to you, if you use the energy to stand your ground in conversation and negotiations!


On February 17, love and money planet Venus connects with your other ruling planet, Neptune, creating a dreamy and romantic atmosphere—lovely for meeting new people, sharing ideas, or even going on a group date! February 18 finds the sun connecting with Uranus and Venus meeting with Saturn. The sun is our source of vitality, and when it connects harmoniously with electric Uranus, we get a big jolt of energy and inspiration! This is an exciting time for you financially. Sweet Venus and serious Saturn don’t have the cuddliest energy; however, new plans and commitments are forming, which is exciting! Speaking of the sun boosting your energy—Pisces season begins on February 18, blessed solar return, dear fish!

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February 19 brings the full moon (a super moon!) in Virgo. Mercury meets with Neptune and then connects with Saturn, also on February 19. This full moon brings a massive climax to a situation concerning your love life, and all your relationships—romantic or otherwise. An issue with a nemesis may even come to a head! Whatever has been building will finally pop. Virgo is a sign that’s all about communication and clarity—and while emotions will be very high, hopefully, you'll get the info you need to figure out what you want to do next. Because you’re so psychic, and because so much of your early life depended on intuiting the emotions of the people around you, clear communication from partners is something you don’t always expect or even think to demand—but when you get it, you realize how crucial it is to your wellbeing. Never settle for any partnership—in love, business, or wherever—that demands you to be a mind reader, Pisces.

Mercury clashes with your ruing planet Jupiter, and Venus meets Pluto on February 22—big conversations are in the air, but watch out for exaggerations! This is especially exciting at work, and you’re sure to connect with very powerful people. Don’t diminish your own talents or be shy about asking for what you want—be bold, and you will be rewarded. Just don’t make promises you can’t keep! You know your worth—and so does your community, so ask for it!

On February 23, Mercury connects with Pluto, putting you in touch with some intriguing and powerful people. You may join a special or secret club! The month wraps up with the sun connecting with Mars on February 27—a brilliant boost of energy and self-confidence. Good luck this month, Pisces, and see you in March!