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Eminem Is, At Last, Producing a Movie About Battle Rappers

It's co-written by a legendary Toronto battle rapper, and there's a trailer.

Eminem is still here, still doing things in 2017. He apparently scored streaming numbers higher than most of the new crop of artists. He will never go away. Em's last dalliance in the film world was almost having Jake Gyllenhaal's role in the boxing flick Southpaw, and his new project is still competition-oriented, except it's about his beloved field of battle rap. Bodied is produced by Eminem, directed by Joseph Kahn of "Love the Way You Lie" fame and will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.


According to Genius, Bodied is also co-written by Kid Twist, the very first champion of Toronto's King of the Dot battle rap league in the late 00s. All jokes about Canadians being too polite to diss each other aside, Toronto does indeed have a rich history of battle rap. The film also features a who's-who of battle rappers, including Dumbfoundead and Loaded Lux. You can watch the trailer above. The real story here is that Toronto keeps winning, to be honest.

Update: Due to a misreporting, we initially wrote that Bodied was based on Toronto's battle rap scene, specifically the career of Kid Twist. Bodied is not, in fact, based on any specific scene or person.