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Phoenix Made Whitney’s “No Woman” Sound Like A Phoenix Song

The French band covered the opener from Whitney's 'Light Upon The Lake' for Like A Version.

In some wonderful news for lovers of indie-pop music, Phoenix covered Whitney’s “No Woman” on triple j this morning. The French band are in town for Sydney City Limits festival and stopped by the station to take part in its long running Like A Version series.

“No Woman” is exactly the kind of breezy pop tune that Phoenix excel at, so it makes sense that they would take a liking to it. It’s a nice cover, and it might have fit well on the band’s latest album Ti Amo if Ti Amo weren’t actually a concept album about gelato. No, really.

Whitney seem to be pretty into the cover themselves, tweeting “OOOOMMMMGGGGGG yes” at Phoenix shortly after the video was uploaded. Hopefully this will lead to some kind of Whitney-covering-Phoenix situation –– maybe they could take on “Countdown”? With lyrics like “Do your remember when 21 years was old?” it’s basically already a Whitney song.