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Power Trip Are Pretty Cheesed About Their Music Being Played on Fox News

"We wouldn’t be happy about being played on any major 'news' network, but most especially Fox," tweeted the band.
Photo by Harmony Gerber for Getty Images

Texas thrash revivalists Power Trip are no fans of authority, so it's pretty funny that they in particular are the latest rock band to have their music be innocuously used by the American right. The band's ripper "Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe)" was played twice in a recent episode of Fox News' The Five, with the show's host Greg Gutfeld namechecking Power Trip as well. As Pitchfork points out, you can hear the song's use at 27:45 and 33:30 here, but if you want to give a Fox News a click, that's between you and whatever god you worship.


This was brought to Power Trip's attention and they were understandably pissed, calling for a cease and desist on Twitter and later expanding their specific grievances in a series of tweets you can find below.

Noisey reached out to Power Trip and received this statement from vocalist Riley Gale.

"I'll say this: I would gladly go on air and explain the irony of that song being played, because it's literally an allegory for taking the blue pill and buying into the big lie so that you can be more comfortable when the executioner comes for your head—and if it's not you now, it will be."

Here's "Executioner's Tax" because it owns.

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