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Nature and Surveillance Face Off in This Eerie Abstract Music Video

Darting lights and paranoia abound Max Zhestkov’s pulsing electronic video.

Clouds descend into a dark urban otherworld where whirring machines abound in Perpetual Path, a new CGI film from visual artist and animator Max Zhestkov and With cinematic style and Hollywood-worthy VFX panache, the film follows a thumping electronic track down from a greyscale skyscape down into a nameless city, filled with predatory surveillance lights. A lover of all aesthetics futuristic, Zhestkov is rapt with what technology is and what it will become, and it shows in Perpetual Path.


In a statement, Zhestkov explains, "The main inspiration for this project was an idea of the visual dialogue between nature and technology, sound and silence, organic and artificial. I tried to capture this inevitable path of endless transformation with the help of cinematography, animation and a visual reactive soundtrack." Check out Perpetual Path below:

To see more from Max Zhestkov, visit his website, here, and Vimeo page, here.


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