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Copyright Law Is a Beautiful Trainwreck

Radio Motherboard takes on SpaceX's photo rights, the 'Citizenfour' lawsuit, and all things copyright.

If you see the words "copyright" and "law" juxtaposed next to each other, and your eyes glaze over, we don't necessarily blame you. But copyright law is insane, and a wonderful, constant source of nutty human interest cases that explore every part of art, culture, and greediness.

This week on Radio Motherboard, we invited the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Parker Higgins and legal journalist Sarah Jeong, authors of the great 5 Useful Articles copyright newsletter, to talk about why we should care about any of this.

If you're interested in what happens when SpaceX starts taking photos on NASA missions, what happens when a delusional man tries to sue the pants off of Edward Snowden, Laura Poitras, and the whole Citizenfour crew, or what happens when a monkey takes a picture, give it a listen. This is still something of a new project, so any and all feedback is appreciated. Send it my way at