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Futuristic Landscapes Get a Retro Look, Thanks to Pixel Art

Russian artist Waneella takes you to the new megalopolis.
Images courtesy of the artist

Chunky, 2D pixel art cityscapes harken back to the 80s, that timeless age of retro that will always have its place in the history of gaming. This is the work of Waneella, a Russian artist who produces animated modern landscapes with a rasterized aesthetic.

Waneella's looping, 8-bit pixel artworks range from bustling urbanscapes to pastoral futuristic megalopolises. Having been given a Super Nintendo in her childhood, Waneella skews old school, her pictorial compositions influenced by the classic sword and sorcery genre. She views cityscapes as reflections of modern life’s beauty. “Cities are our natural habit and I find them absolutely fascinating,” Waneella tells The Creators Project.


Graduating with both animation and multimedia arts degrees, the artist decided not to stop with simple arcade-style artworks. Instead, she pushes the genre by adding a fluttering movement to it. Like cross-stitching, Waneella creates sleeping skylines with boundless clouds by using tiny color squares on a grid.

Click here to visit Waneela's website.


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